Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Flown Apollo 13 Snoopy Pin

As we know one artifact leads to another. I usually try to procure artifacts that relate to each other. In 2004, I purchased the Snoopy painting. In 2005, Fred Haise put a flown Snoopy pin up at the annual Swann auction. The relationship between the two pieces made it an excellent idea to mate the two pieces together in a display, so I picked the pin up at the auction.

The pin is Snoopy's likeness in a spacesuit and helmet. Snoopy is carrying an environmental unit designed to keep the astronaut comfortable while in the suit. The pin was designed as a lapel pin and, as such, is very small at approximately 1/2 inch in length. The pin came in a plastic presentation box. The pin would be given to a NASA employee who's effort in the workplace was deemed by the astronauts as worthly enough to be awarded the a flown "Snoopy."

Fred Haise's description helps explain what Snoopy came to symbolize as a mascot for safety in the workplace and the manufacturing of manned spacecraft for NASA in the 1960's and today. It is truly an honor to an employee who is awarded the "Snoopy."

On a more personal note, recently my wife gave me a Omega Speedmaster as a birthday gift. The wristwatch is a limited edition NASA Snoopy chronometer with the spacesuited Snoopy dancing his way to the stars in full color on the backplate.